Travel Artists

An abstract from the interview of Alex Markovich for “Radio of Russia”. July 2018.

I came across the phrase “travel artists” in September 2014 when I was in Moscow at a plein air painting session. I met a lady from France (her name is Nadine) who spoke perfect English and in her Instagram in the description of her profile there was “travel artist”. Well, I knew that people call themselves “travel bloggers”, “travel photographers”, etc., but Nadine was a “travel artist”. She had a sketchbook with her in which she made pencil drawings at the cafes, parks, airports, railway stations, etc. all over the world. Nadine was an art teacher (watercolor painting) and she was invited to different places of the world to give watercolor painting master classes.

I am still in touch with Nadine. And when in Belgorod State Pushkin Library (Russia) my postcards exhibition was launched I decided to arrange one more exhibition. The first one is dedicated to my paintings of Belgorod city and Belgorod region, the second exhibition is about my trips length and breadth of Mother Russia. I thought that there should be some more travel artists taking part in the exhibition. So Nadine sent me some of her scanned sketches. Also her colleague from Italy sent me some of her scanned paintings of Russia which she made in 2016 and 2017.

The exhibition was launched on July 10, 2018 at Belgorod State Business Library. The format is the same – classical postcards with Russian landscapes and cityscapes performed in watercolor.

I am being asked quite often if I am still into photography. Yes, I am, but I switched all my travel projects into paintings. Any place I go, I try to make as more sketches as possible. The ones I like I transform into watercolor paintings. 70-80% is hand drawn (hand painted), the rest of the work I do on my professional graphic tablet as the final outcome is postcards and I need perfect warm colors to create good atmosphere. So my paintings are a combination of real watercolors and digital watercolors and enhancements.

The exhibition “Travel Artists” will be at the Business Library till the end of August 2018, and then I will move it to some cafes – I like when my exhibitions travel from one place to another.

Kursk Oblast, Russia.