Travel Artist

An abstract from the interview of Alex Markovich for “Radio of Russia. July 2018.

On July 3, 2018 in Pushkin Library (Belgorod, Russia) there was an opening of my personal exhibition “Russia in watercolor paintings”. The paintings are presented in the form of postcards which I send to my friends and WordPress blog readers all over the world.

The exhibition is a part of my project “Travel Artist”. Wherever I go I try to do as many sketches as possible. Some of those sketches later become completed watercolor paintings.

When I travel through Russia I prefer rural picturesque areas, that is why I’ve got dozens of paintings of ponds, rivers, hills, meadows, etc. Well, there are some cityscapes too, but these are not traditional cities and towns sights. Never the less these places can be easily recognized by the citizens.

I started my “Travel Artist” project in October 2014 when I went to the cities and towns which are included into so-called Golden Ring route. I brought hundreds of photos and a few sketches. When I returned to my home town I arranged a photo exhibition where I also included some of those sketches. In the age of digital photography we are all tired of photos and long to drawings, paintings, sketches, illustrations, etc. At least that is my personal opinion to which I came after talking to dozens of my friends.

As I have been drawing since my childhood, I’ve got much experience and skills and decided to create watercolor paintings based on my photos or I do that right on the spot during plein air painting sessions where I go with my artist-friends.

I am a strong advocate that photos, drawings, paintings, etc. should be used in other life spheres, not just as pictures hanging on the walls. So I began creating calendars and postcards with my photos and paintings. Most of these postcards are watercolor paintings from Russian rural areas.

As for the current exhibition, there are over 40 postcards available.

Vladimir, Russia.