The Lost Adventures

When new technologies were slowly coming into our lives, we were gradually losing our daily adventures. Here is an example.

In March of 1992 the German group “U96” released their first album “Das Boot”, which became very popular in Russia. My classmate had a cassette with this album – so almost every boy from our class wanted to have his own copy. I had to wait for a few days to get the tape and copy it for myself on my dual cassette recorder.

I remember it very clearly how my classmate and I were laying on the floor (at the classmate’s apartment) and listening to “U96”.

In 1996 (it was one year after I finished school) I bought a stereo system “AIWA 999” – you can search the Internet to see the pictures and videos of it.

I was buying cassettes and compact discs, including all the albums of “U96”: “Das Boot”, “Replugged”, “Club Bizarre”, and “Heaven”. I had a decent collection of Eurodance and Techno music.

A few years later I bought my first PC on which I could play CD’s, mp3’s and watch movies in mpeg-4 format. All the stuff I enjoyed, I could easily burn onto a CD or DVD. But I still had to go to my friends to borrow a DVD with a new movie.

But one day I realized that there was no more need to visit my friends with the purpose of lending DVD’s. Just to have a cup of tea (or vodka) and to chat.

Today I can get immediately all the stuff I want. And there is no need to download it – I can listen and watch it online. And not only on my laptop, but on my smartphone, even in the forest.

I really miss those days when we could meet and watch together on a video cassette recorder (and later on DVD) “Home Alone”, “Baby’s Day Out”, “Problem Child”, “Weekend at Bernie’s”, “Dennis The Menace”, and so on.

It takes you 15-30 seconds to type the name of your favorite band and start listening to it online. But you will never be able to bring back the feelings and impressions you had, when you were listening (with your classmate) on an old Soviet tape recorder to “U96”.

Alex Markovich.