Dreams Never Come True

When I was in the third grade (that was in 1987), I was dreaming of a portable device (some sort of Nintendo Game & Watch) which should have an unlimited number of games, be able to make phone calls to any destination, play your favorite music, and show you cartoons.

The dream was partly fulfilled many years later (in 2002) when I bought my first mobile phone. By that time I had forgotten about my dream. The mobile phone couldn’t play music and show movies but it was so awesome to make phone calls without being tied to any particular place.

In 2012 I bought my first smartphone but I wasn’t as happy as in 2002.

It is January of 2020 now. I’ve got a smartphone with three cameras, 6.5″ display, 4GB of RAM, ans so on. It’s common to have a gadget like this in 2020. You may watch any movies, listen to any music (including the songs you used to listen on vinyls when you were a child), play any games with cool graphics, make calls from a forest or a swamp to any place of the world, and so on.

You may say that your dream has finally come true. But to whom it came true? Not to the 10 year old boy. You are a totally different person now – with absolutely different dreams. If any of your present dreams ever comes true, it won’t be you, the current dreamer. It will be again a different person.

Alex Markovich.