Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

I am not a fan of any particular brand. I wonder how people debate, even argue, what it better: Samsung or Apple, Nikon or Canon, Sony or Panasonic.

Speaking about camera phones, I used to play with many brands, but my favorite phone even today (in 2019) is Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

I am not going to discuss this phone quality or its camera capacity; I would simply like to share some pictures I have taken with it.

I bought Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom in August 2014. The reason for purchasing it was its camera.

Here is me taking pictures with this weird phone.

Some pictures examples.

Belgorod Oblast, Russia.
September 2014.
Sergiev Posad, Moscow Oblast, Russia.
October 2014.
Vladimir, Russia.
October 2014.
Rostov, Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia.
October 2014.

Alex Markovich. “Postcards City”

Mobile Photography

It is so obvious that our smartphones have become, first and foremost, instruments for taking pictures and surfing the net, rather than tools for making calls.

As a photographer who has been playing with the camera since kindergarten, I can say that I have switched from DSLR camera photography to mobile photography. If it’s a professional photo shoot I give the advantage to a decent DSLR camera, but as for daily walks, trips, concerts, reportage photography or even theater performances I use my camera phone. There are several reasons for that.

First, the camera phone is always with you. It helps you to capture the moment you enjoy. (One should always carry a portable charger).

Second, the camera phone is compact and small. Quality of the camera of modern smartphones is more than enough to take a decent photo of sunlight on the surface, a leaf in the snow or even do a quick mobile photo shoot.

Third, you can immediately share your photos via social networks.

Fourth, there are dozens of decent mobile applications which you can use to process your images. I personally like vintage and monochrome filters. After taking a photo you can immediately process it and upload it to Instagram or to your favorite social network.

Alex Markovich. “Postcards City”
August 2013.

Polaroid Images

In the middle of 1990s I enjoyed taking pictures with a Polaroid camera. I didn’t have my own one but there were always lucky owners around me who allowed using their Polaroid cameras. I only had to buy a cartridge.

Today, in the age of digital photography, Polaroid images still evoke nostalgic feelings. So, if you miss those days or simply want to add some charm to your pictures, you can download one of the applications which will turn your regular photos into Polaroid images.

I personally use InstaLab application which you can download for both Android and iOS. It’s free but shows ads.

There is a variety of frames, textures and fonts to meet your art needs.

 Alex Markovich. “Postcards City”